Tricks for Low-Fat Baking

Reducing the fat content of your baking goods can be more than a little difficult. As much as we hate to admit it, it seems like fat content is directly and intrinsically linked to tastiness, so when we cut down on the fat in our baking it seems like we’re also cutting down on how delicious it can be. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry anymore because I’m here with some simple ways to cut down on fat while still making the very best tasting baking that you can.  

Cut Down Portion Sizes 

The easiest-peasiest solution is to simply cut down on your portion sizes. Instead of making full-sized cookies or muffins, try making mini ones with the same mix. This will let you enjoy the flavours of a full-fat bake, without having to worry about the calorific consequences. While you might think that you could just do the same by eating half a cookie or taking a smaller slice, the reality is that it is much harder to stop once you’ve already started. Smaller portion sizes put a firm limit on how much that you can eat – just make sure that you don’t go back for seconds, no matter how delicious it is!


As always, substitution is the key to enjoying great baking for less. Replacing your high-fat ingredients with lower fat alternatives will see the fat content of your bake reduced drastically. Low-fat yoghurts and applesauce can be treated as your low-fat baking substitute staples. Adding these to a bake will help you to maintain the same consistency and flavour but at a much lower fat content. There are plenty of other substitutes that you can find recommended elsewhere, but those two are certainly my preferred options to help maintain the same quality of bake.

Eliminate Yolks 

Believe it or not, one of the simplest ways to reduce fat content is to avoid using yolks in your mix. The basic formula that you should use when adjusting your mix is 2 egg whites = 1 full egg. Eliminating egg yolks will give you the same taste, consistency and results, but at a fraction of the fat.

Use Reduced Fat Ingredients 

Rather than drastically changing one particular part of your mix, a good approach is to use reduced fat options for your ingredients wherever possible. Making small reductions across the board will give you substantial overall results. The simplest ingredients to replace will usually be butter, cream, oil and cheeses. If you can easily use a reduced fat ingredient, then there is never any need to use those with a higher fat content! 

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