How to Make Healthier Lollies 

There is no escaping the fact that kids like lollies. Hell, adults like lollies most of the time too. Since there is almost no way to reliably get kids (and adults) to stop eating lollies, the best alternative is to find healthier versions so that you can get your sweet kick without pilling on the pounds. I’m a big supporter of making your own food, rather than buying pre-bought and pre-packaged products, so I’ve put together this little list of how you can make your own healthier lollies at home. 


If you want to enjoy the same lollies, but with fewer calories, then your best bet is to follow imitation recipes like the ones I’ve linked to above. These recipes typically revolve around finding a lower calorie replacement to one of the main ingredients in the treat, but I can confidently say that you’ll barely notice the difference in taste. In fact, I’d rank some of these homemade imitations higher than the real thing, because they’ve been made with better ingredients and some TLC.


Only Homemade 

One of the best benefits of making your own healthy treats at home is that you can enjoy a greater variety than what you could ever find down at the shops. Whereas you might struggle to find a low-calorie snack while you’re out and about, you can easily make your own at home to perfectly match your tastes and preferences. Some of these homemade snacks will also scratch an itch that you didn’t even know you had, like the sour fruit cubes that I’ve included above.


Quick and Easy 

Keeping your snacks healthy doesn’t mean that you have to spend a whole afternoon baking or assembling a complicated recipe – there are lots of ways to satisfy your sweet tooth without a huge effort. Fresh and dried fruit are the natural staples for snacking, but you can add a little bit extra by dipping them in yoghurt or low-sugar dark chocolate.  

Mixing fresh fruit with some light seasoning is another great way to get some sweetness, without falling into the realm of “fruit is boring”. Try taking a page from the Yank’s book, and add a little bit of salt to some fresh watermelon to give it – paradoxically – an even sweeter taste. 

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