Low-Fat Pizzas? 

I’ll be honest – pizza is my kryptonite. No matter what diet I’m on, pizza is always the thing that I’m craving the very most. Maybe it’s a holdover from my days as a student, or maybe – like everyone else – I have a weakness for copious amounts of cheese. Whatever the case, it’s safe to say that I’m pizza mad. Thankfully that doesn’t necessarily have to mean wearing XXXL pants, especially when you make a few adjustments to get that fat content down without sacrificing that pizza taste. 

Try Different Bases 

If you’re not too fussed with breaking from authenticity, then replacing the base of a pizza can be a great way to reduce the fat content while maintaining – or even improving – the flavour. Pretty much anything that is solid enough can be used for a pizza base, with some recipes out there using everything from mushrooms and beetroots to quinoa and cauliflower. My personal favourite choices are either using a flour tortilla (if you like crispy) or ready to roll puff pastry.

Experiment with Toppings 

While the traditional toppings like pepperoni might be pretty tasty, they’re also quite high in fat content and can get very calorific. Options like white chicken, veggies, unprocessed ham, pesto and lean beef are all good choices that aren’t too heavy in terms of calories. If you’re worried about losing out on some of the flavour when you go for lighter toppings, you can try and balance it out with seasoning to add a bit more of a kick.  

As an alternative, you can try and cut back on the majority of your toppings while still choosing one that isn’t exactly healthy. This lets you indulge, without going overboard.

Get Rid of that Oil 

Reducing your oil intake is one of the best ways that you can cut down on calories without much effort. There are plenty of alternatives out there to help you reduce the number of calories you’re getting from oil, like low-calorie oils and cooking sprays. You might lose some of the distinctive flavour of real virgin olive oil, but an olive oil cooking spray can add some of that back with nowhere near the same number of calories. 

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