4 Quick & Easy Meals

The greatest barrier to healthy eating is often convenience. It can seem so much quicker and easier to eat poorly to the point that healthy eating is seen as a chore or extra work. Hopefully, you already know that isn’t necessarily the case. Making healthy meals can be just as easy as whipping a frozen pizza in the oven, so you really have no excuse when you chose to eat badly. 

If you’re looking for more ways to eat well when you’re short on time (or effort), then why not try out a few of these meals?


A staple of east-Asian cuisines, and students’ cooking repertoire, stir-fries are quick, easy, healthy and tasty. This style of cooking also leaves a lot of room for your own modifications so that you can create a meal that perfectly suits your taste as well as getting your tummy nice and full. While you might think that you need copious amounts of oil to cook a stir-fry, you can actually get by with the use of cooking sprays and added moisture like soy sauce, water and rice vinegar. 

Try to make sure that the number of veggies is much higher than the quantity of meat, and if you’re adding noodles then it is best to avoid egg noodles in order to keep those calories down. My recommendation is to go mad with the seasonings – add some crushed nuts and a spoonful of sweetener for extra pizazz.

Meat Skewers 

Simple meat skewers are quick to make, and they offer plenty of opportunities to create interesting flavours with seasonings and sauces. Whack some chopped chicken on a skewer (if you have enough prep time, it is best to marinate them) and then put them under the grill until cooked through. A mint and yoghurt sauce can give it a lovely fresh flavour, or you could mix up a small amount of oil, tomatoes and chillies to give it a punch. 

Add some white rice or flatbread for a bit more volume if you want a more filling meal.


This chunkier cousin of the omelette is a steadfast companion of those cooks who are looking for a filling meal but are tight for time. Slapping in some additional ingredients like lean meats, veggies and spices is a great way to liven up this meal and turn it into a truly satisfying (and low calorie) addition to your diet. Put some extra effort into beating the eggs for an extra fluffy texture.

Tex-Mex Migas 

While not as popular outside of Mexico and Texas as other Tex-Mex foods like tacos and quesadillas, believe me when I say that you’ll be happy that migas are now a part of your life. Lightly fry some sliced corn tortillas until golden, pop in scrambled eggs, refried beans and tomatoes, cook it all together and then serve. You can serve it with some salsa or hot sauce for a flavourful kick. Migas are quick, easy and incredibly tasty – as well as being low fat and low calorie. What more do you really want? 

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