Having a Healthy Barbie 

Enjoying a nice barbie in the sun is about as Australian as it gets, and god forbid you ever have to give it up just because you’re watching your weight. While it’s true that the traditional barbeque options of grilled chicken, steaks and burgers are exactly bursting with goodness, there are more than a few tricks that […]

Baking Low Sugar Cakes

Having your cake and eating it too can be difficult when you’re trying to cut down on your sugar intake. Despite what you might first think, there are actually lots of ways that you can enjoy a sweet treat on a special occasion without worrying too much about what it might do to your figure. I’ve put […]

Tricks for Low-Fat Baking

Reducing the fat content of your baking goods can be more than a little difficult. As much as we hate to admit it, it seems like fat content is directly and intrinsically linked to tastiness, so when we cut down on the fat in our baking it seems like we’re also cutting down on how delicious […]

How to Make Healthier Lollies 

There is no escaping the fact that kids like lollies. Hell, adults like lollies most of the time too. Since there is almost no way to reliably get kids (and adults) to stop eating lollies, the best alternative is to find healthier versions so that you can get your sweet kick without pilling on the pounds. I’m a […]

Low-Fat Pizzas? 

I’ll be honest – pizza is my kryptonite. No matter what diet I’m on, pizza is always the thing that I’m craving the very most. Maybe it’s a holdover from my days as a student, or maybe – like everyone else – I have a weakness for copious amounts of cheese. Whatever the case, it’s […]

4 Quick & Easy Meals

The greatest barrier to healthy eating is often convenience. It can seem so much quicker and easier to eat poorly to the point that healthy eating is seen as a chore or extra work. Hopefully, you already know that isn’t necessarily the case. Making healthy meals can be just as easy as whipping a frozen pizza in […]

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